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Love Vision Clarity


We are not meant to be alone. Our relationships are one of the most valuable resources we have. Your romantic relationship has a massive influence on who you are, who you become, and how you experience your daily life. So choosing the right person to spend your life with is essential.

Instead of feeling lost and blindly applying dating and relationship strategies, take a step back to focus on clarity first. When you see and understand the bigger picture, you will figure out the appropriate approach for you and allow you to precisely express what it is you truly need in a relationship.

This guided journal will help you discover and create a clear vision and detailed blueprint of your ideal partner and dream relationship. Yours is unique to you. No one else can define or identify any of this but you. Whether you’re single or in the early stages of a relationship, this guided journal will take you on a journey of self discovery, healing, manifestation, and cocreation.

What you want is absolutely possible, it just requires some work to get there. “Love Vision Clarity” will not only show you how but also simplify the process for you, too.


This is for single men and women who are looking to find and manifest a partner to build their ideal relationship with.
If this is you, you’ll be creating a clearer vision of what kind of partner you’re actually looking for. This clarity will help you better filter through and evaluate the people you go on dates with. Leverage these exact questions to ask on your dates to discover whether or not you two are in alignment.

This is also for those are in the early stages of a relationship that are looking to find alignment more effectively and improve or deepen their connection.
If this is you, you’ll develop a detailed instruction manual as to what behaviors and feelings you need and want to feel happy and satisfied in a relationship. You’ll not only understand yourself better but also have a clearer idea of what you expect from your partner, too. With this clarity, you’ll then be able to communicate more effectively with your partner as to what your desires are and how to improve your relationship.

This guided journal contains numerous prompts across all aspects of life to help you distill the necessary details, so you could holistically look at your life together with your partner.

Once you’ve created your love vision, the clarity you have gained will transform the way you see your relationship and give you the confidence to ask for what you want to cocreate your dream relationship.

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I love that this is interactive and there is a journaling aspect to it, it really helps to guide you in discovering more about yourself and what your vision is for a relationship you want to manifest or how you desire an existing relationship to look like! I often struggle getting specific, especially with what I am looking for in a relationship and this book really helps you get CLEAR and bring your vision forward. I'm excited to continue using this as a tool to be more conscious and mindful in the realm of my romantic relationship!

Alexandra F

Thank you for creating this journal. I enjoyed how you made something that can be very cumbersome easy. I did not feel any pressure. Everything about it, I felt there was an ease to it, because I felt like you were with me the entire way leading me from one aspect to another. This was very eye opening because it is so important. I realized I never asked my partner to discuss this from their point of view either!

Sandy R

I was blown away by the depth of questions in each area of the book. It allowed me to think about my ideal partner in different contexts that I hadn't been that mindful of previously. I see that the partner and the relationship are not the same thing. I've discovered what things really matter to me and why. I have found real clarity in that.

Wendy W

I love this journal!! It's engaging and the prompts are comprehensive enough to really help you dive into your relationship woes and why's. The prompts encourage doing an introspective deep dive without being overwhelming.

Lisa W